Excited Clients

Happy Clients are not enough.
We strive for EXCITED clients.


Pete Ambersino | Business Owner

The process for mind and brain was awesome. It was very solid experiences. It was absolutely a different technique we never have done. We feel we can go further now. You can be more successful. You can do more everyday. We have opportunity to feel our environment. The more you do it, the more it become your second nature.
— Pete Ambersino

Bill Kolegraff | Attorney

It’s absolutely a revolution that happened just in a 5 weeks. I had significantly change in my life. He is just fantastic to work with. It changed my approach to life. I had struggle to get out of bed at 8 o’clock now I get up at 6 everyday. I have a lot of more energy during the day. I recommend this guy to everybody.
— Bill Kolegraff


Terry Matz | Best selling author

I did something that I never done before. It was absolutely fantastic. The method was incredible. I can keep going & going. I recommend to everybody you have to try his method. It will change your life.
— Terry Matz

Sofi Keshavarz | College student

With this method i burned 10,000 cal in a week. I burn 3000 cal in one single day. My liver work better and it changed my body from sugar burn to fat burn. I can work more during a day and I am more powerful.
— Sofi Keshavarz


Manoochehr Nikfar | Top Manager in the biggest steel company in the Middle East(MSC)

I run about 5 miles and lost 12 Ib. after only 1 week work with Michael. I his method is awesome! I believe that I can do every hard work with his method. I even can go marathon. I recommend him to everyone.
— Manoochehr Nikfar


Nick Azar | Real States Company Owner

His Training is unbelievable. He is the best. His training has a big affect on me. Me energy goes high. His method is simple and effective. My efficiency goes high. My estementa goes high. My memory is stronger. I am happy and surprised. He is great.
— Nick Azar
He taught my brain to improve. I am sure that I will reach a very good result. I enjoy my life. I am reaching my health. I am happy. I am active. I am thankful to visit him . I definitely recommend him to everybody.
— Tony Azar


Dr.  Mohammadreza  Zadmehr | Iranian National Team Soccer Player/Head Coach/Chairman of the Board of Perspolis Soccer Club/ Dentist

Michael is very motivated and has a super energy. He teached me how to eat and how to exercise. I was overweight and had a very bad back pain. Now I don’t have any pain. I lost 27 pounds. I used his knowledge and learned about physical mastery that’s the base of success in the life. I see very good results. I feel happy. His method is simple and effective. I think his method must teach in schools and companies. I see a significant change in my body and my mind. I definitely recommend him.
— Dr. Mohammadreza Zadmehr

Rahim Abdi, Senior Manager

After working with Michael, my world view has changed. My knowledge about food and body has changed. My energy level increased. Now I am happy. I can manage my job and my meetings very effectively. I can run 3 to 4 hours meeting easily. I love to do workout and i workout everyday. It became part of my life. I am happy . Thanks to Michael. I really appreciate him.
— Rahim Abdi
rahim abdi.png

Mohammad Shahriary, Top Manager

Now i know that proper physics and fitness is base of everything. I can train my mind. I find faith to reach my goals. I find love. Thanks to Michael. I really recommend him. He is the best coach.
— Mohammad Shahriary

Hossein Hematgir, Senior Manager

Michael changed my worldview. My view about work and life has changed. Now I can control my mind. I can control my thought. I reach inaccessible things. I know that i can reach anything in my life. I faced and overcome my fear. Michael teached me about my nature and by knowing that i can plan better in my life.
— Hossein Hematgir

Morteza Talaei, Top Manager

In find my self confidence. Michael helped me to changed my lifestyle to the better way. Now i can reach my goal faster and better. I Thanked Michael. I recommend him to everyone.
— Morteza Talaei

Roozbeh Rahimian

I believe healthy mind comes from healthy body. His training has a big effect on my courier and on my life. I can manage my time better. Now i know if i find my goal i can reach it. I definitely recommend Michael to everyone.
— Roozbeh Rahimian


Soheil Karimi

I could overcome my fear. I feel happy and excited. His method is easy, fast, and effective. Thanks to Michael for helping me.
— Soheil Karimi

Siamak Parsa

I gained self confidence, i feel braveness. My worldview has changed. His training is very important and changed my life.
— Siamak Parsa


Ali Torabi

I find my self confidence that i lost it for more than 20 years.i trust my coach. I overcome my fear. Michael is awesome.
— Ali Torabi

Mehdi Aligholi

I run more than 5 kilometer after 2 days training. I have a lot of energy. I am happy. I definitely recommend Michael.
— Mehdi Aligholi