Michael’s Pyramid of Excellence

Achieve the life of your dreams by mastering the 10 steps of Michael’s Pyramid. Gain success, happiness and fulfillment.
Make your life an unshakable and extraordinary masterpiece. Rejuvenate your soul and body, create the relationship of your dreams, become the master of your time, skyrocket your business, turn into a lean money making machine, and above all give to the people around you and the world!

pyramid me.png

ME(Main Empire)

Me is the base of everything in your life and what makes you, you! It is made up of 4 parts: soul, mind, body, and heart. These 4 parts need to work together with harmony and balance in order for you to achieve an unshakable foundation. Only if you know their secrets and how to make them united, you can unleash your true potential that lies within you. Michael’s method has been designed specifically to help you awake and unleash each part’s miraculous powers to achieve your dreams, happiness, and fulfillment.
If we assume life is a tree then ME is the root of this tree and therefore the most important part.

pyramid we.png

WE(Welfare Empire)

After securing a rock solid foundation, the next step of the pyramid is about your interactions with the outside world. Unlocking this step brings you unlimited welfare, happiness, love, and passion.

The first part of We goes over your Relationships, most importantly your relationship with your soulmate which is your natural source of love, passion, motivation, and happiness.

The next step is about the most valuable commodity in your life, your time! Mastering time allows you to increase your productivity and efficiency which in turn lets you discover you mission in life and set meaningful goals.

The final layer of We is achieving financial freedom, achievable under two conditions; having different high-income streamline and being content.

pyramid be.png


If you want something more than Welfare in your life, you can find it in the Being Empire(BE). Wealth has different meaning, it can be your assets, your knowledge, your kids, your books, your company, your brand, your contributions, etc. , but the real wealth is the fruit of your tree of life meaning your gift to others and to the world. Your wealth can be an eternal legacy and enjoyed by millions of people even after you are gone. The last part in BE is Spiritual Excellence & Contribution. Spiritual Excellence comes from helping others, contributing and bounty. Tony Robbins said, “The secret of living is giving!” Spiritual Excellence is not describable by words, only who experience it can understand it! The Contribution is the best fruit of your life for the people and the universe!



Coaching Methods.

My coaching methods are based on pleasure and happiness which is the nature of humankind. I have crafted my programs to be simple, effective, and applicable.

Whether your goal is better health, increased productivity or doubling your income, I guarantee you results.

Michael Arya
Life & Business Coach