Michael Arya

Michael’s Outcome is Legendary!

Michael is a Life & Business Coach known for his unique and effective techniques designed for optimal outcome in the shortest time.

He started his journey to discover the secrets of life at the very young age of 17 during a breakthrough and is still developing. He started his at the age of 19 and has assisted and is continuing to assist 100s of people in their personal and business life. He became wealthy very soon at young ages, and achieving financial freedom gave him the opportunity to start his extensive research around the world. Michael has explored over 100 corners of the globe in his quest of finding the greatest solutions to life’s biggest problems.


Personal Life.

He was born in the fire of history. Growing up in the middle of an 8 years’ war, Michael graduated from the hard knock university of life.

Michael had to Overcome whatever life threw at him. Forced to work hard from the age of 8 with no salary. Started his first paid job at 13.  Qualified to go to the top 3 universities in Iran at 17.

Started his first business at 18. Founded his first coaching company at 19.  Started his dream relationship at 22 (and is still wonderful today) and is the father of 2 amazing daughters. He lived with the monks and Sherpa in Himalaya; studied in temples in Thailand; attended rituals in Mecca; studied Persian empire; dined and ran with Maasais in Africa; explored the Amazon in Venezuela; Went deep in the Cuban culture; researched churches and museums from Russia to Germany, from the Louver to the depths of the Ottoman Empire; from The Statue of Liberty to Crazy Horse of South Dakota; He Studied with Sufis in Konya, Turkey. He drove from the east coast to the west coast 45 days and studied the history of the great land of the US. He visited 21 states.


In search for the simplest solutions for life’s biggest problems.


Professional Background

Michael also has previous professional experience in sales and management in both small and large companies, including 12 years with (MSC) the biggest steel company in the Middle East, while heading his own companies.

He has a BS and MS degree in Engineering His experiences include entrepreneur, innovator, head of a mountain climbing club, cultural tourist, and many more. Some of his famous mentors and philosophers who shaped his character and methods are Rumi, Omar Khayyam, Buddha, Avicena, Hafez, Mulla Sadra, Saadi, Maharishi Yogi and Chopra (eastern wisdom).  Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Wayne Dyer, Richard Bendler, Brian Tracy, Louise Hay, Dr. Gundry, Stu Mittleman (western knowledge)


Arya’s Coaching Methods

His coaching methods
are based on the nature of humankind; Pleasure and happiness.